An hour of silence permeates Amsterdam public television.



Image: The Detroit Films (Reel #2)  1985


An hour of my (silent) super-8 films were recently broadcast on Dutch Public Television - a first in The Netherlands I’m told - and something not likely to happen in the U.S. The 12/31/2020 show was programed by founder of the zapruder art movement, filmmaker and host of The Screening Room, Ronald Bijleveld. I’m beholden to Ron for his efforts in organizing and directing the annual Atrabilious Amsterdam Experimental Film Festival and his support of my work.

I understand this 60-minute program will continue to be shown in rotation once a month throughout the year, and is also available online through Video On Demand. The following shared note contains a link to view the complete broadcast on the SALTO1 channel. 

> Dear Joseph

> i hope you are well and i wish you the very best  of the world in 2021. this is the link to the online version ,that  is normally watched around 190,000 times. and last night and was teh screening looked amazing iam trying to get it screened this night to, but it will be in carousel so every month 1 time on tv , the people who are connected are 3.7 million but we found out we got an take from around 200,000 people but maybe more now…

> Warm greetings from Amsterdam

> Ronald Bijleveld

> The zapruder art movement


Thank you again Ron, appreciate all the work you put into this!  -Joe