Whale Watch (1) & Whale Watch (2) open a double “WHALE WATCH” program hosted by MonoKino in Ostend, Belgium - - May 6 + 7, 2022



Over two days and evenings of festivities, including concerts, workshops, lecture performances and an eclectic mix of films from worldwide makers, were presented in the coastal town of Ostend, Belgium - all in celebration of the majestic whale.

This concept grew from a small group called MonoKino, who collectively happen to have a deep love of both the sea and experimental film. It is run by Godart Bakkers, who heads the group and curates the programs, now ongoing for four years.

He contacted me after seeing my film, Whale Watch (1), in the international Media City Film Festival, a couple of months earlier. It was his idea to use a mix of cinematic formats from super 8, 16, 35mm, digital restoration, video, silent, sound, even news clips and short finds from YouTube throughout the two screenings.

I’ll include a few pages from the playfully-designed brochure to give a sense of the care, thought and real inclusiveness put into these not-for-profit MonoKino projects. My sincere thanks to Godart and crew for a job so sensitively done.